See for yourself how catch share programs affect fish stocks, fishing businesses, and local communities.

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Has the status of fish stocks changed?

Have fleet wide catches stayed within quotas?

Have discarding practices changed?

Has coverage by on-board observers changed?

Has fishing effort changed in amount, timing, or where it occurs?

Have fishing impacts on seabed habitats changed?

Has the financial viability of the fishery changed?

Has the number of active vessels changed?

Have opportunities or barriers to entering the fishery changed?

Are fishing vessels participating in a different mix of fisheries?

Have private costs of fishery management changed?

Has the public cost of fishery management changed?

Has amount of managers’ time spent of groundfish changed?

Have trends in annual catch limits changed?

How has litigation affected catch share programs?

Have economic and social effects on local communities changed?

The interdisciplinary team behind the Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares project compiles and analyzes data on ecological, economic, social, and governance changes in selected catch share fisheries. We provide objective reports showing changes that have occurred in fish stocks, fishermen, fishing-related businesses, and local communities before and after implementation of catch shares.

The purpose is to make high-quality, unbiased scientific indicators of changes in these fisheries easily accessible to everyone. We offer unprecedented ways of exploring and interacting with fishery data. Now anyone can delve into the science to answer their own questions about the catch share programs and to engage in well-informed decision-making.

The Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares project does not advocate for or against catch shares.

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