Highlights: Groundfish Landings

This page provides a brief summary of groundfish landings. For the complete findings, click here.

The Northeast Multispecies Sector Program began in 2010. During the preceding 30 years, groundfish landings had declined almost steadily from over 150,000 metric tons to less than 50,000.

In the five-year period (2005–2009) immediately before the catch share program began, fishermen landed only one-fifth as much groundfish as they had in 1980–1984.


Landings in Initial 3 Years Compared to 3 Previous Years

Groundfish landings in the first three years of the Sector Program (2010–2012) were approximately 81 percent of landings in 2007–2009. However, landings a few decades ago were far greater than those in 2007–2009.