Toolkit of 14 Economic, Social, Ecological, and Governance Indicators

Based on scientific research, stakeholder input, and practical considerations, we developed 14 indicators that collectively can be used to understand the effects of catch share programs on fish stocks, fishermen, fishing-related businesses, and local communities.

The indicators are intended as tools to support well-informed decision making. Each indicator summarizes the best available information to answer a key question about effects of catch shares. While we are currently applying the indicators to the Northeast and the West Coast groundfish fishery catch share programs, they could also be used with other catch share programs.

ECOLOGICAL Northeast | West Coast
  • Fishery Stock Status
  • Ratio of Catch to Quota
  • Discards
  • Data Quality: Observer Coverage
  • Distribution of Fishing Effort
  • Fishing Impacts on Seafloor Habitats
ECONOMIC Northeast | West Coast
  • Number of Active Vessels
  • Financial Viability of the Fishery
  • Fishery Diversification
  • Access and Exclusion Effects
  • Cost of Fishery Management: Private
SOCIAL Northeast | West Coast
  • Local Community Effects
GOVERNANCE Northeast | West Coast
  • Cost of Fishery Management: Public
  • Management Efficiency